• The founder of international centers network Ein&Stein with premium international educational programs
  • Official representative of the international mathematical programs for children in Russia ( creative math iMaths, mental arithmetic INNOVATE)
  • Nominated for the “Person of the Year” price from business edition «Delovoy Kvartal»
  • The winner in nomination «Education» from edition Leaders Today
  • Award Winner “Opening of the Year” of all- Russian competition “Young Russian Businessman”
  • The member of the London and American Mathematical Associations
  • I am the author of the project on the channel “RBC” “Geniuses. Beginning”
  • The founder of the international online school for parents «The School of Caring Parents»
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Level one Memory arbiter (World Memory Sports Council)
  • The official representative of the World Memory Sports Council in Russia
  • Tony Buzan licensed instructor in Mind Mapping
  • Licensed teacher of Mindfulness Curriculum
  • Tutor, member of the international tutor association
  • Coach ICF



Several significant facts from my biography:

  • I am happy mother of four children
  • H.E. Baroness of Elvas Dame Grand Cross of Justice (almoner of the Order Saint Lazarus)
  • Honorary Professor of Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition
  • I have earned a rich experience in education of children and living abroad
  • Monthly I travel around the world in search for the best educational technologies
  • The students of «Ein&Stein» are participants of the TV show “Amazing people” on the “Russia-1” channel and «Best of the Best» on the «First channel», they are prize winners of  city, All-Russian and international competitions in creative mathematics iMaths and mental arithmetic Innovate
  • Nowadays, more than 50 cities in Russia, and that is more than 2000 students, are working by our methodologies
  • I opened the uniq project of primary school in Russia
  • At present I am studying psychology at Oxford University in the United Kingdom





Themes of speeches:



  • Center of supplementary education from 0 to 1000 students in three years
  • Business-Mother: resource of sources for a successful female business.



  • How to choose the best methodology for the development of children in the World?
  • International experience in development of mathematical abilities for children.
  • Motivation, as a major fact of successes in the 21 century.
  • How to enter the modern Oxford. Instructions for conscious parents.
  • Learn how to study. How will the approaches to education change in the future 10 years?
  • How to gather the best staff for the educational center on the labor market?



  • How to choose and buy a master-franchise in a international company. My personal experience.
  • How to sale 20 franchises in 2 years without advertisement.



Franchises from «Ein & Stein»


School of geniuses «Ein&Stein» was founded in

September 2015, although it is one of the best schools in Novosibirsk. At the beginning our school had 3 classrooms where just 50 children were taught, but at the end of the year more than 350 children were studding.


At this moment there are 750 m2 in our school so more than 800 geniuses can study with comfort. In February 2018 we opened a new leaning center in Yekaterinburg.


The students of the school of geniuses «Ein&Stein» are prize winners of city, All-Russian and international competitions. For their achievement they get international, mayor and governor diplomas. Our children even at the age of 3 years are passing international exams and get their



Since 2016 the school of geniuses «Ein&Stein» has developed international methodologies Innovate and Imaths by franchise, and since 2018 our potential partners have the ability to open their own center of supplementary education by support of the brand «Ein&Stein»



More about franchises

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Experience in participation and speeches on conferences


Since 2015, Tatyana has been actively participating as a speaker at Russian international educational conferences.


  • EdCrunch, Moscow
  • Moscow International Salon for Education, Moscow
  • TEDx Novosibirsk
  • Moscow International Salon for Education, Moscow
  • World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), Qatar
  • Asia EduTECH, Singapore
  • The Helen Doron conference, Italy
  • IICE Dubai, UAE
  • ECE, England
  • Bett, England
  • ISTE Conference, Switzerland
  • LICE, UK